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“There was only one group of people who were ever responsible for endangering my life when I was in prostitution and they most certainly were not abolitionists; they were sex buying men. The same sex buying men whose dicks will never be sucked by the liberal feminists who defend and uphold the right of those men to have their dicks sucked by other women; economically disenfranchised, economically disadvantaged, socially deprived, and racially marginalized women.”

— Rachel Moran at Femifest 2014

Not seeing or feeling the empowerment of sexwork prostitution? Me either.

Tatsuya Ishida has been fearless as of late critically examining the ill effects of prostitution and human trafficking in our society.  Go to to see the whole series.


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Brilliant strip from Tatsuya Ishida illustrating that ironic moment when the notion of ‘victim-less crime’ goes up in smoke and shit proceeds to get real.  Go to to read the rest of the story.

Powerful piece.



It takes dedicated effort to remove these sorts of fiery speeches from the history of women. Oratory like this somehow doesn’t make it into the classrooms, or history lectures. So the lessons need to be discovered, theorized, and fought for in each generation of women making progress glacially slow.  Yet we have helpful mnemonics for the British Monarchy, US presidents and Canadian PM’s that we teach to children.  Yet nothing for the bold female speakers of the 60’s and 70’s who set their minds to one of the most important projects facing humankind – the dismantling of patriarchy.

Unless you seek information like this out, you won’t be told about it by your choice of news station, you most likely won’t hear it on the radio and I’m almost certain you wont get this in secondary school.  The exclusion of feminist history in the mainstream is not an accidental omission, but a tactical choice.


prostitution– [Source:Notes from the Third Year]

I am very privileged and honoured to host thoughts on prostitution and ‘sex work’ from Emma, a recent addition to the DWR commentariat.  Emma takes a hard look at the commercial rape trade and those who support it.  With Emma’s permission I am reposting her comment to the main blog, as it is simply made of awesome and unworthy of being buried in a comments section.

Thank you Emma for your words on this topic.

[The message was edited for line breaks, otherwise appearing in its original form]

There is very little in terms of a meaningful convo on this subject with people who insist that having sex is like going to a restaurant.

It’s not just a different outlook on life, it is a different universe altogether, made impenetrable by either a complete absence of conscience (or even “simple” imagination) or its willful (?) shut down . Been there, done that, got tired of debating the gloriousity of “sex work.”

    But I have yet to meet a girl who dreams of becoming a masturbatory receptacle, a sexual outlet/toilet, for men. Doing “sex work” one day is not something little girls aspire to.   When I grow up, I want to make a life for myself by being penetrated in every possible way, often violently, by multiple strange men — many of them disordered and deranged, and unable to find a woman to form a relationship with for obvious reasons — who, after ejaculating into me, will care about me as much as about used tissue –

said no little girl ever.

     Just like there are no girls who dream of becoming an object to be used and abused (sexually and not), there is no parent who would encourage and champion that kind of “career” for their child(ren).  And that includes the johns, pimps, and “sex workers” themselves. I don’t know of a “sex worker,” even a “high class escort” or a “happy hooker,” who would encourage her children to pursue this line of “work.”

Check out this report, “Welcome to Paradise,” about German legal brothels:

Here’s the end paragraph:

[The brothel] Paradise’s [owner] Jürgen Rudloff appeared in a documentary, “Sex – Made in Germany”, which aired on the German public broadcaster ARD last summer. In one scene he’s sitting in his spacious kitchen dressed in an open-necked white shirt and linen jacket, surrounded by his four shiny-haired, privately-educated children.


  Would he be happy for either of his two daughters to work at Paradise, the interviewer asks. Rudloff turns puce. “Unthinkable, unthinkable,” he says. “The question alone is brutal. I don’t mean to offend the prostitutes but I try to raise my children so that they have professional opportunities. Most prostitutes don’t have those options. That’s why they’re doing that job.”

He pauses and looks away.

“Unimaginable”, he repeats. “I don’t even want to think about it.”

That from a man who knows this “business” as few others do; he runs it, after all.

      He does not even want to think about this option for his daughters, but he has no qualms “encouraging” unrelated women to join his “business.” Like so many johns and pimps and sex “business” owners, he’d do his very best to prevent his daughters from going into this line of “work,” but it does not stop him from exploiting other, powerless young women.

This peculiar mental split is depressingly common, and one dark aspect of male sexuality that nearly all men are in denial about and unwilling to explore, ever. Any attempts to have them try to even acknowledge and look at it are usually met with violent and/or hysterical reactions, accusing the questioneer of misandry and similar fairy tales, of demonizing male sexuality and trying to shut it down, etc. And, oh, freedom, wouldn’t you know. It’s as predictable as clockwork.

One thing that’s certain about human beings (apart from their endless stupidity) is their bottomless capacity for rationalization. There is no behavior, no matter how depraved and evil, that cannot be rationalized away by its participants and/or perpetrators.


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