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The world’s oldest profession is easily the world’s worst ‘profession’.

“We know working in prostitution causes higher rates of ptsd than participating in war, we know women are severely abused during sex, we know sex industry is heavily linked with child trafficking and human trafficking, we know most participants have to be severely drugged in order to be able to participate, we know a lot of women trapped in porn industry are coerced and have no other choice but to do it, we know a lot of them aren’t even aware they’re being trafficked, we know a lot of them aren’t aware what they’re going through is slavery, we know women’s consent isn’t respected in sex prostitutionindustry, we know they’re being forced to do more and more and damage their bodies more than they would ever consent to, we know men are getting off on humiliation, degradation, dehumanization and destruction of women’s bodies, we know it’s damaging the women this is done to, we know it’s forming the entire society’s idea of sexuality and how sex and female bodies should look like and be handled, we know porn causes higher rates of rape, we know porn causes violent and painful sexual experiences for women, we know that porn causes child-on-child rape, we know it hijacks everyone’s sexuality, we know as a society we no longer have a clue what healthy sex looks like. 

How could anyone with a smallest bit of compassion and empathy defend it? How could anyone disregard millions of victims and their experiences? How could anyone insist sex industry should keep existing despite catastrophic amount of damage to everyone, not just people involved, but to everyone ever exposed to it? Porn can be stopped, if everyone who still has their compassion stood up against it, it can be stopped. Let’s start working on it. Let’s make porn a painful, catastrophic history.”


Oh you darn Men. Is there anything you cannot do?

Given the calibre of many male self-identified feminists, one would have to conclude that the answer is generally “no”.  If tomorrow Patriarchy absconded (woo!) and humanity somehow got its collective head around the notion that women are people and were treated as such – then I think men could be feminists (although with patriarchy gone there might not be the need for feminism), but that is the only case that I can think of at the moment.

The problem facing male feminists is the differing ways in which the sexes are socialized.  Different language, nuances, and expectations are foisted upon girls and boys by the societal environment around them.  This is what the social construction gender looks like .


Like it or not, metrics like these are used in society to evaluate your efficacy in terms of being in one particular sex role, or the other.  Gendered socialization is inescapable as it is the societal air we breathe toxic as it may be.  So take a moment and consider how your perception of the world is right now and then then imagine if the the prism of how you look at society and how society looks at you is the other coloured box.

Thus bringing us to the fundamental point – women and men experience life quite differently, concomitantly life treats women and men differently.  This wouldn’t be a problem if both sets of traits were equally valued in society, however, one set of traits is given precedence.  And not just your ordinary precedence, but a precedence in a supererogatory degree.

This ‘precedence’ is what feminists like to call patriarchy.  Patriarchy is simply the structuring, adjudicating, and maintenance of society for the benefit of one class of people who possess (in theory) the traits mentioned in the blue box.  Those who are assigned the other box are assigned less importance and worth and treated accordingly in society.  Thus, in a patriarchal society, the experiences of women and men are quite different.

Men doing feminism have to be very aware that how they interact with society is not the way it works for women.  This point needs to be hammered home because, let’s be honest here, a good portion of dudes just don’t get it (sample the RPOJ tag for evidence of this assertion).  maleprivlege

Can men be effective in helping women push back the patriarchal tide?  Absolutely!  Being a feminist ally, and standing up for women, but not leading the charge is what dudes can do to make things better in society.

malebondingAn organization for men to deal with men’s problems?   How bad could it be?  Let’s take a look at their manifesto:

“Wolf Pack aims to tackle the challenges of social isolation amongst adult men by helping foster social connection and new friendships through vulnerable and supportive conversations around topics of depth.

Our Wolf Pack groups will be meeting on a monthly basis, and similar to our youth programs, we’ll be diving deep into topics around our pillars of self (acceptance, esteem, love, and awareness), health (mental, emotional, and physical), and others (inclusiveness, diversity, empathy, and relationships). Don’t worry if this sounds a bit different then your usual after-work gathering – Wolf Pack is going to be a fun, engaging, and unique event every time.”

   Well, doesn’t seem like a bad start.  Choosing ‘wolf pack’ though, given the sheer volume of specious MRA arguments based on a the contrived notion of ‘wolf-society’ should make one pause.  Is our hesitation justified?  Let’s view the next line from the w-pack manifesto:

“The goals of Wolf Pack are to:

Create brave spaces for conversations about masculinity and positive, healthy ways to ‘be a man’

Break down social isolation and foster lasting connections and meaningful support with our peers”

    What precisely is a ‘brave space’?  Perhaps it involves blue war-paint and shouting in bad Scottish accent, “Freedom!”?   Who knows, but it seems like a ham-handed way to avoid saying ‘safe space’ because as we all know feminists and women use that term, and certainly one should not be associated with unmanly people like that.

    Hope for the W-pak took a bit of dip when reading the first line.  Masculinity is fucking toxic.   It is based on creating worth for one set of human beings by degrading, debasing, and savaging another subset of species.  Trying to tease out positive healthy ways out of the vile shit-soup that is masculinity would be quite the feat.  Furthermore, how about healthy ways to be a ‘person’ rather than one side of the oppressive gender hierarchy.

    I realize that casting a radical feminist analysis at the wolf-pack might not be entirely fair, but these folks are getting media attention for essentially stating that they are not overtly hostile to females and feminism in general.  A very large cookie for each of these embiggended and bold men daring to not threaten the status-quo in society…

Who can participate in Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack is open to men and anyone who identifies with maleness/masculinity looking to meet like-minded men who are interested in redefining what it is to “be a man” and make friends along the way! […]”

Way to portray masculinity in a positive light! – Because we all know how awesome the masculine set of gender stereotypes happen to be.

The Wolfpack seems to be getting some media attention for the noble attribute of not being particularly horrible.  Of course, in our patriarchal society, that is all it takes.   It would be more interesting to see some media coverage of women’s organizations and the women that run them, but then again males being ‘not horrible’ is judged to be the newsworthy piece.




[Source: The Wolf Pack/ NextGen Men]

strawfeministThe working title for this post was accurate, but a bit wordy: Dude Superciliously Imagines What Females Think then Blames Females for His Imagining of their Problems.  We tightened things up a bit and figured we’d add more verbosity in the introduction.

The Dude over at Talonrest is a master of erecting stupid assertions (go there now for the bullshite-in-the-raw), applying them to the group he hates (feminists, women, double-XXers, etc.) and then castigating feminists for acting (as he portrayed them to act) so damn shallow and stupid.  Talon’s glaring problem is that his argumentation only briefly entertains connections to reality.

Talon DudeMcDudinstein is all about abandoning any semblance of rationality preferring to sashay headlong into meandering fields of straw arguments and butt-cogitations that manage to both besot and flagellate the reader not only with their insipidness, but astonishing lack of grounding in anything resembling fact.

Different format time folks, let’s deal in paragraph sized chunks to see if we can really appreciate what dear Talon is trying to say.

“Behind all the feminist posturing about being independent and empowered a big fear for many millennial young women still remains the impending big 30. That’s when the facade starts to crack and they realise that they didn’t have this all figured out.

You will see signs of it start to happen in the late 20s as the strong independent millennial woman who has been living it up in the years of her prime attractiveness starts to realise that the party won’t last forever and that she is no longer the center of the universe for the high-quality male attention that she used to take for granted.”

This is really a grand example of what happens when dudes ‘analyze’ the experience of females through the fucked up lens of patriarchal expectations.  Those expectations are:

    1.  A female’s worth in society is directly correlated to the physical attributes men find attractive.

    2.  Male ‘attention’ is a valuable resource because, implicitly speaking, females cannot achieve in society without male help/attention. 

    Both points are the kind of nefarious bullshit women struggle against everyday.  The grand quest to be though of as human, rather than desirable fuck-object starts here. 

    The fight to be a subject that is capable of action, rather than a object to be acted upon is fundamental to the feminist movement and happens to be one of the tenets many radical feminists organize around.   (The radical notion that women are people too – et cetera)

     “It happens gradually, but one day she suddenly realises she has been receiving a lot less attention from men. The waiter at Starbucks is no longer extra-friendly to her. People start expecting her to pull her weight at work and no longer cut her as slack despite her pulling the usual charm offensives. She looks at that new young pretty intern that just joined her workplace getting attention from everyone and suddenly realises that she can no longer compete.”

Misogyny comes in so many flavours, here we see the restated notion that female worth is derived from male attention.  Female people have the same extrinsic and intrinsic value as human beings – and this is the key truth that Talon, our shit-nozzle of the day cannot comprehend.

“It is telling that most of the social media posts worrying about the impending big 30 come from my empowered, independent female acquaintances, along with the usual self-assuring polemics about how they “still got it” and are wiser and stronger with age. But you get the distinct impression that they are just posturing and attempting to make sense of a very confusing situation.”

Women are not confused about the situation as they have been socialized from the beginning to be pleasing objects of desire for men, and are also aware of the penalties for non-compliance.  Aging-out or fatting-out of the prime attention of zone of dudes can be bitter celebration for many women as it marks the transition from constantly creeped on fuck-toilet to mostly ignored invisible non-person.  Choosing your patriarchal shit sandwich has never been so empowering…

  “What’s more interesting is that my female acquaintances who have settled down in their 20s and have gotten on with life in starting a family and working on building a functioning, fruitful and healthy marriage don’t exhibit any sort of the same angst on social media.”

The Second Shift doesn’t leave much time for facebook.  Raising a family mirrors of the inequality women face in society, as women are responsible for most of the work that goes into rearing children and the domestic hell that goes along with said task.

“Meanwhile their strong, empowered counterparts are trying to get into fad yoga, getting cats and hopping onto the next fashionable frivolous activity that comes along in an attempt to prolong their party years. But it’s clear for all to see that their best years are behind them, and they are just trying to relive the heady days of their early 20s, except without the devoted male attention and valuation that they used to take for granted.”

Because the male-gaze is awesome.  


No head? Check. Fetishized parts represented? Check. =Male Gaze achieved.

“This is the brutal reality of female nature that many millennial women don’t realise- they time they have in the sun is actually quite limited. Young women who keep themselves even passably attractive enjoy a lot of social leverage based upon their biological youth. This, along with modern pop-culture feminism that encourages “empowered” behaviours without caveats that leads to them having a distorted idea of their own value.”

I’m pretty sure this ‘social leverage’ is what douche-canoe misogynists like Talon bang-on about all the time.  All the submissive beauty rituals that differentiate females from the accepted standard of ‘normal’ (male) must be lauded and elevated so that somehow they become desirable to perform.  Hey ladies, perform all these pointless rituals to appease the male gaze, but on the same time we’re going to shit on you your for doing all these frivolous time-wasting things.  Patriarchal double standards for women are the norm in this society, and this is just one of many.   

Striving to be valued as full human being is society is hardly a ‘distortion’.  Ass-hat.  

“They assume they will always be attractive and that the red carpet from men will always be out for them. They don’t realise a lot of the “you’re beautiful” polemics will actually be coming from themselves after they pass the big 30. There are always thirsty Beta men who are willing to snap up the leftovers after the party stops for our “empowered” woman when she ages out of the market, but she is unlikely to find this men very appealing.

The “empowered” woman stuck with lower tier dating options. Cue a lot of self-convincing that they are not snag a Beta they can’t feel attracted to because they are trying to cash in before all of their attractive fade and eventual resentment that the “empowered” lifestyle didn’t deliver them Mr. Big at the end of the day.”


*sigh* – Because all women are about snagging the ‘prime’ ‘alpha’ male.  One of the neat things about making arguments is that one cannot arrive at truth when one of the premises you’re basing your arguments on is false.  In this case, patently false – classifying men, like wolf packs, into Alpha and Beta males – is based on discredited shit research that got almost everything wrong about wolf society.  I’ve talked about this before on the DWR before so I’ll quote myself to on how wrong the MRA classification system is:


This chart is LOL-tastic.  Witness the extent of self-delusion our MRA friends mentally fap over. It’s horrible-scary-fascinating all at the same time.

“Schenkel’s observations of captive wolf behavior were erroneously extrapolated to wild wolf behavior, and then to domestic dogs. It was postulated that wolves were in constant competition for higher rank in the hierarchy, and only the aggressive actions of the alpha male and female held the contenders in check. Other behaviorists following Schenkel’s lead also studied captive wolves and confirmed his findings: groups of unrelated wolves brought together in artificial captive environments do, indeed, engage in often-violent and bloody social struggles.

The problem is, that’s not normal wolf behavior. As David Mech stated in the introduction to his study of wild wolves (Mech, 2000), “Attempting to apply information about the behavior of assemblages of unrelated captive wolves to the familial structure of natural packs has resulted in considerable confusion. Such an approach is analogous to trying to draw inferences about human family dynamics by studying humans in refugee camps. The concept of the alpha wolf as a ‘top dog’ ruling a group of similar-aged compatriots (Schenkel 1947; Rabb et al. 1967; Fox 1971a; Zimen 1975, 1982; Lockwood 1979; van Hooff et al. 1987) is particularly misleading.”

So, as the studies cited indicated, these assertions have been shown to be erroneous for over twenty years.  It is known that accuracy (wit, intelligence, charity, …) and MRA’s don’t mix.  If you can stomach the manosphere you will see this error perpetuated with metronomic regularity.

“A Red Pill masculine man worth his salt will know that these “empowered” women in full on approaching or post-30 panic will not be good prospects for a relationship. Their years of “empowered” feminist living would have stuffed their minds full of ideas that give them an entitlement mindset to commitment that is way beyond their value proposition. In addition, it is highly likely these “empowered” women would also not be having any maternal feminine aspects that are considered desirable wife material.”

Yes, having their minds stuffed with ideas that they are full human beings and not just objects of male of desire, the nerve of 30+ women.  Oh, and keep in mind when you hear ‘maternal feminine aspects’ please read ‘patriarchally approved ritualized submission to men’.

     […] – Skipping repetitious meandering prose. 

“Meanwhile, the Masculine man who has been focused on improving himself would find that his options in the dating marketplace would have opened up dramatically. While the early years can be tough for a man, the later years will only get better if he has spend the intervening years improving himself.

The Masculine man is shaped through adversity and develops the important life skills and experience that allows him to have a true value proposition in the Dating Marketplace.”

toxicMasculinity is about exercising your will over others.  Masculinity is toxic.

“The “empowered” woman on the other hand, has coasted through her life based on her youthful biological attractiveness and feminist “empowerment” ideology that made her overestimate how valuable she was just for having a vagina. She is less likely to have gone through the same adversity and rejection that a young man has in his struggle to be valued and hence is out at sea with a clue on what to do once she can no longer rely on her looks.”

Oh my goodness.  Pro-Tip:  Being Born with a vagina means a ticket to second class status in society.  Not being heard, not being seen (other than as a sex object to be possessed), not being represented.  These are all part of the female experience.   Fuck-Nugget is trying to compare males facing rejection to the shit-show that is living life as female, as it appears to him to be a valid comparison (fml).”

“They are the ones that become the true matriarchs- the women who contribute their valuable life experience and maternal instincts towards nurturing the next generation of functional, fruitful adults, not the aging feminist spinster taking fad yoga and adopting multiple cats trying to live in a real life parody of Sex and the City.”

Yes ladies, if you adopt the submissive patriarchal ideal things will be right with the world, negating your personhood will payoff huge dividends as you’ll be expected to raise the next generation of patriarchally screwed up women and men.


This is why it’s important to have a long game mindset in your Masculine journey, don’t be like the thirsty Beta who can’t think 5 years ahead and is always clamouring for female attention, making him the prime target of the panicking “empowered” woman seeking a chump willing to take any woman to settle down with. Focus on improving yourself and success, along with high quality feminine women worth your investment will naturally come.

*sigh* – Stupid ‘sage’ advice for the conclusion.  Avoid those females with notions of personhood and wait to attract the perfect slave befitting your station.   :(

   This shit makes me tired.  The amount of horrible is off the scale, and yet it dribbles forth with disquieting regularity from dudes who think they have the great game of life down and are grasping the bull by the horns. 

   I hope, by quietly pointing out that our MRA friends are not grasping the horns, but rather are elbow deep into the rectal fissures of said bull, that people can see how the societal system known as patriarchy fucks with people on an individual level, leading them to the dehumanizing conclusions we see on display here today.

Arb out. 

Patriarchy is alive and well in 2016. Let’s head over to the Olympics – Exhibit 1:


 Oh, look who owns her. Her position of 'wife' is obviously relevant information as to HER Olympic achievement.

Oh, look who owns her. Her position of ‘wife’ is obviously relevant information as to HER Olympic achievement.

Ooookay.  Maybe this is just a fluke this isn’t a implicit patriarchal norm – we just need to find all the stories that mention a man’s status as “husband” first then his achievement… (good luck with that).

Surely in swimming it must not be the case:


Ah, because the man-stroke is the only stroke that could possibly be responsible for her achievement. Not her ability, her talent, her fucking grit – nope nope nope – manstroke for the winz.



Seeing a pattern here? The systematic denial of female agency and achievement – and attributing said achievement to a man. Feeling the 2016 equality yet?


 May well be, if you happen to be female and good at something. :/

May as well be, if you happen to be female and good at something. :/

“Oh Arb!” says my skeptical male readership,  “These are just rare incidences and are in the realm of sports – sports are known for their male bias you shouldn’t be making hasty generalizations about society based of a few sports clips.”


Maybe popular magazine covers?

Apparently only the male face is appropriate for Magazine covers, females though, as long as you are almost naked, then you are allowed to have a head.

Apparently only the male face is appropriate for Magazine covers, females though, as long as you are almost naked, then you are allowed to have a head.

Nope…popular magazine are still all-a-board the patriarchy bus.


Okay dudes, lets change the channel, how about leadership of the Western Free World?  Certainly the framing of female success through the patriarchal lens won’t happen here!  (oh wait…)


Correction – First female to win the nomination to be president of the US. What do the papers record – her husband at HER nomination victory.  I can’t wait to see the pictures if HRC wins the presidency, more pictures of Bill?


Yeah, sooooooo…  When you hear people (mostly dudes) prattle on about society becoming a matriarchy or that we’ve achieved equality, kindly refer them to this post and maybe help explain to them that their cluelessness is really quite embarrassing.

Why is it hard for women to achieve in our society?  Partially because of the systemic shit like this that denies women their role models and examples of success – you can’t be it, if you don’t see it.  So let’s not discount effective feminism and the work that still needs to be done by radical organized groups of females working together to dismantle the patriarchal superstructure that harms women and men.




That awkward moment for dudes when they realize that they are indeed living in a patriarchy…


Another reversal post just to illustrate the keen difference between what men experience and what women experience in society.


Stopping the replication of patriarchy begins when people can actually see it in action.   So now you see it.  Will you act to stop it the next time?


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