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Greetings and good day gentle readers.  Today’s PSA is a helpful video on consent that should help make clear what it is and how it works with regards to initiating sexy times with people.

Quite an effective argument.

The CBC does such a remarkable job for a mere pittance per Canadian.   We need to up the ante and properly fund the CBC at least to the average amount, $82 dollars.  Imagine no commercials on CBC Radio 2 and a sharp curtailing of the ‘adult contemporary’ drivel and a return to the classical haven Radio 2 once was.   Oooo…warm and snuggly feelings all over in DWR land. :)

  Time to properly fund the CBC.

Time to properly fund the CBC.

Greetings and good day gentle readers.  It is that time of year again where we talk about changing patterns during the holiday season and bemoan the rampant commercialization of Christmas.  I have to admit I have a poorly kept secret.  I don’t give holiday presents anymore.  Instead all the people who are near and dear to me get a card and a message that, in their name, a Turkey has been donated to a family in need.

Let me assure you, it is a great tradition to start.  I recommend you start your tradition of giving this very year – because everyone wins if people don’t go hungry.


The Turkey Drive starts today!  So yes, so go to the website and start the donating, early and often :)


I won’t guarantee Holiday Happiness, but helping others is a great place to start.

Ah, tell me more, O noble warriors of life.



Worldcup1 Worldcup2 worldcup3 Worldcup4


[Police fear rise in domestic violence during World Cup]

A helpful infographic from the WHO.  (having trouble reading the poster? “control + and control – ” may be able to help you out check the large version)


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