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Yet more evidence that identity politics is bad for women.

   “Pregnant woman” is not an identity. It is a social reality. A pregnant woman’s ever-contracting rights – whether she can choose to end this pregnancy, whether she will risk imprisonment for drinking too much, whether she will lose her job, whether she will be murdered by her partner – can only be seen through the filter of her inferior social status: that of woman. She neither chooses nor identifies with this status and it matters that the restrictions it places on her and others be fully acknowledged. Hundreds of women died today because of the way in which pregnancy intersects with their political and social status as women. The term “pregnant people” denies them the specificity of their deaths and masks the cause.

   What gender-neutral pregnancy campaigning has achieved is wholly negative, making it impossible to articulate why there exists a class of people who are not granted full sovereignty over what lies beneath their own skin. It has located the abortion debate (which should not be a debate at all) back where conservatives want it: on the status of the foetus, not that of the woman. It has allowed the misogynist left to consolidate their definition of woman as “passive fantasy girl with tits” as opposed to “person with independent physical functions, emotions and needs.” Above all, it has created the illusion of an opt-out to being placed in the inferior sex class. Well, there isn’t, at least not until you can be bothered to challenge the fundamental idea that half the human race is inferior (oh, but that’s so much harder than messing about with words!).”



-Queen of Mists

Featured Image -- 14235 I find it curious that when it comes to feminism as a movement it is often decreed that it must be “inclusive”.  Here is the thing though, feminism is the struggle for female liberation from the patriarchal structures and mandates of society.  The only requirement for membership in feminism is, hold on to your (pussy)-hats, being female.  Encompassing more than half of the world’s population should satisfy any musings about inclusivity and the like.

Concomitantly one can identify what feminism is if the stated goal or objective in question happens to is to aid in woman’s struggle against patriarchy.  If you’re not working toward increasing female liberation from patriarchy you are not ‘doing’ feminism.

So here is Empress-radfem expressing her thoughts on the recent Woman’s march, and she compares the feminist movement to other movements struggling for liberation.  She asks very important questions in the first paragraph that makes me wonder why it is beyond the pale to foist up an #all lives matter at a #BLM rally, but females in feminism can make no such claim.

Why is that?

“it’s no coincidence to me that liberals have taken aim at women holding signs about vaginas, uteruses, and specifically female-centered issues during the women’s march, but wouldn’t dare suggest that “black lives matter” activists should include “white lives” or “blue lives” in their signs and slogans too, nor did they see fit to inform occupy wall street protesters that its “not all rich people.”

women are the ones who have to step aside and make room at the podium for others. women are the ones who have to be reminded that it’s not okay to put ourselves first. women are the ones who need to sacrifice precious time, space, and voice at a public demonstration to make sure others are heard and seen, too. women are the ones who have no specific experience worth naming and discussing, no specific interests worth protecting.

woman does not exist.”

Empress Radfem

“A commitment to sexual equality with men is a commitment to becoming the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, the murderer instead of the murdered.” –Andrea Dworkin

Feminism is not for equality.

Feminism is for female liberation.


“men don’t realize that they understand the point of women’s liberation, but they do. they understand it very well.

every time a dude says some shit like, “oh, you’re for equality of the sexes? does that mean I can hit you?” he is demonstrating his perfect understanding of the shortcomings of egalitarianism.

men target women for not being men, but men don’t only target women. men also beat the shit out of each other. men rape each other. men kill each other. men treat each other like absolute shit.

virtually all of the violence that occurs on this planet is committed by males, whether it’s committed against females or against other males. men tell us every day, in no uncertain terms, that they believe “equality” means “violence.” equality with these barbarians? I think not.

liberation from their generations-old, ironclad system of perpetual violence and destruction? yes, please. sign me up.”


eves 6 through 8

Many thanks to RoughSeas for bringing this article to my attention, it is well written, chock full of facts, and enumerates many of the problematic aspects identity politics and how they are hurting women.

    “Skimming over liberal media these past months, the assumption is that anyone who might have an issue with a transgender person in their washroom is necessarily a Bible-thumping bigot from the south. This perception is not only the result of vast oversimplifications, but is a conscious misrepresentation of the facts before us. As much as HB2 is a hateful, bigoted law which is serving as a smoke screen to erase other economic capabilities, the Department of Justice’s position is just as wrong. If we didn’t know that women were third-class citizens before, we should definitely know it now.

     Until the end of his presidency, there was not a word from the Obama administration about the rolling back of abortion rights, state after state. Not a peep from Bruce Springsteen or PayPal about women’s rights. This is isn’t shocking… Not for women, at least. We are accustomed to our voices being virtually unheard, even on issues that affect us directly. It is more of the same brocialism as usual. That male violence is a reality and does not magically disappear through the kind of  identity politics that ask us to suspend our disbelief and embrace that “gender identity” trumps sex is par for the course. The problem with Obama’s Department of Justice narrative is that it suggests “gender identity” is sex, and that, while gender is whatever a person feels it to be, the acknowledgement of  biological sex is “transphobic.”

     This narrative, wherein gender is medicalized in order to silence one half of the population and wherein biological differences (and the way those differences factor into the system of patriarchy) are now considered to be fictions, is an MRA’s dream. The result of efforts to “broaden the definition of woman” is that, now, anyone can be a woman, but actual women can no longer speak of their oppression or their bodies.

     Identitarians (those who hinge their subjectivity to identity politics) have attempted to remedy their feeling “excluded” by subverting women’s political movements and the language through which women describe their realities. One of the recent attempts to redefine woman was the U.S. women’s strike platform, which prioritizes transgender women over women of colour in its statement of violence against women and promotes the reproductive rights “for all women, cis and trans.” Of course, transwomen are male so clearly have no concerns about reproductive rights. Prioritizing males over females in the name of women’s rights is anything but subversive. Rather, it’s age old misogyny.”

Julian Vigo – as featured on the Feminist Current.

   The politics of gender identity hurt women.

And now sadly, I have to qualify what I mean when I write the word ‘woman’ because males, with subjective, indescribable feelings have decided that they are also women.  So, ‘women’ defined here and in reality refers to adult human females.

Obvious female erasure aside, let’s move on to the news item itself.  To summarize – two women have been forced to leave a Woman’s Shelter because a man who calls himself a woman resides there.

Up is not down, dry is not wet, and for goodness sake men are not women.  Understand that strong feelings cannot and do not change the biological facts and features of our species.

“Two women are raising concerns about the latest person to move into a Kelowna homeless shelter for women.

“He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals he has more rights than we do.” Tracey said.

Tracey is upset that she was made to share a room with a transgender individual, a man transitioning to become a woman.

“They told me, sorry if a person identifies themselves with female, then we have to go with that.” Tracey said.”

Listen to Tracy speaking the truth to power.  Men have more rights than women, even in a woman’s shelter, because what a male believes is more important than the safety of actual women.

If you wish to respect reality you can no more identify as a woman as you could identify as a member of different race, or as different physical age.  If you happen to have just a casual relationship with reality, it is most definitely your problem, and others should not have to respect your personal fantasy life.

Yet here we be, males being prioritized in a Woman’s Shelter.  Orwellian notions and alternative facts are the new truth – so say we all!

“Another client named Blaine was also staying at the shelter. She recently fled from an abusive relationship and says she’s uncomfortable with a transgender person staying at women’s only facility.

“Some women have had bad experiences with men so they are fleeing men and now we have a man living there,” Blaine said.”

The root problem male violence, never seems to get any air time.  We, as a society continue to dance around the very real problems of male socialization and male violence and prefer to, as always, give short shrift to women and the life defining problems they face while living in a patriarchal society.

“The shelter is run by the NOW Canada Society. While the organization declined an interview on the matter, it did issue the following statement to Global News.

“NOW Canada cannot speak to specific cases. It is against the law to discriminate against transgender individuals. NOW Canada and other shelters in Kelowna welcome people without regard to age, race, religion and gender identity.”

Are you feeling the equality?  Basking in the wonderful egalitarian outcomes where unsurprisingly, the questionably superfluous needs of males, are prioritized over the physical safety of women?

I’m not.  I’m seeing patriarchy and misogyny in action.  I’m seeing men’s rights activism in action, I’m seeing the damage done to women because we as a society have uncritically accepted the nebulous notion that ‘gender identity’ is somehow more real that physical, biological fact.

“On Thursday morning, both Blaine and Tracey were asked to leave the shelter for good after speaking to the media and breaking the confidentiality agreement designed to protect the safety of all the clients. But now they say their safety has been compromised after being tossed out on the street.

“Hopefully we will stay safe,” Blaine said.”

Yes.  Hopefully indeed, while the male, in a female only space remains safe and sound.  The important class of people is protected, sorry ladies, you are just not welcome in a Woman’s Shelter anymore.

[Source:Global News]








Featured Image -- 14235This whole trans induced irruption away from the world of fact always leaves shaking my head (alternative facts anyone?). This isn’t about hating a particular subset of people because they are a certain way, this is about disagreeing with the bullshit they spew and the demands they make. Case in point, the idea that somehow biological sex is merely a social construct (it isn’t, it is an observable fact), or that by the power of deep gender-feels, one can change an immutable features of ones physical body.

Is this hatred of trans-people? Absolutely not, but rather disagreement with statements about reality that simply don’t jive with what we know about the world.

1. Fact – Biological sex is immutable.
2. Fact – Biological sex is the basis for the oppression of women, by men.
3. Fact – Strong feelings about either 1 or 2 do not change the empirical truth value of either statement.

But yet, when discussing trans ideology and inclusion with liberal feminists (handmaidens) it comes down to feelings and how unkind it is not to cater to men and their gender fantasies. Most of what I’ve seen of trans-ideology is conservative, misogynistic, patriarchal status-quo conforming doublespeak and twaddle. Backed up by emotional appeals meant to obscure the real meanings of many of their statements – I am a male and I get to define not only my own reality, but yours as well – which of course the same ole’ Male Supremacist bullshit we all know and love.

Should we censure the UN for acknowledging that the categories of female and male exist? Let’s take a peek at what that might look like…

“U.S. live-birthers (“”“females”“”) are more likely to die during childbirth than live-birthers in any other developed country. This is oppressive, seeing as trans women are not dying from child birth, and that’s just not inclusive enough. This is also false, because there would need to be a biological difference between bleeders and non-bleeders, and we all know that’s not true.

United Nations official website claims there are ~biological~ differences between what main diseases “males” and “females” suffer from in developing countries, and that “females” major burden of diseases are related to our “reproductive function and reproductive system” and the way society treats or mistreats them due to our “sex.” United Nations: @confirmed-terfs ???
I think so!
Heres the transphobic info below:
“Females”: 1) maternal, 2) STDs, 3) tuberculosis, 4) HIV infection, 5) depressive disorders.
“Males”: 1) HIV infection, 2) tuberculosis, 3) vehicle injuries, 4) homicide and violence, 5) war.
Like how did they even get that info considering there is no ‘male’ and ‘female?’

Another TERFy thing United Nations reported is that in 1990, the majority of birth control was estimated that: at 17% was ‘female’ sterilization, 12% “intrauterine” device, 8% pill, 5% ‘male’ sterilization, 5% condom, 2% other supply methods, 8% non supply methods. Like where does the UN get off, differentiating ‘female’ and ‘male’ sterilization, or even stating they exist???? How did they get that info? Again, all TERF propaganda.

The World Health Organization claims that some factors that prevent “females” to benefit from quality health services were from the following:
-unequal power relationships between bleeders and penis-havers
-social norms that decrease education and employment opportunities
-an exclusive focus on bleeder’s reproductive roles and
– potential or actual experience of physical, sexual and emotional violence.
They also report that poverty yields a higher burden on bleeder’s health???!! Excuse me, cant these bleeders just grow up and identify as men already??? That’s clearly the solution to this problem?

Abortion currently being fought against only makes me angry because I’m sure there are some trans women that would love to have an abortion. Abortion effects everyone equally, and if there was really something called “biology,” then this wouldn’t be an issue… I think?

“Female” genital mutilation? I don’t think so! Clitorises are chopped and burned off of both boys and girls, and it’s severely unfair cause I’m sure some trans women would kill to have a vagina to sew up. Can bleeders like shut up about this now? Discussing “female” genital mutilation like being sewn up and burned and cut at an impressionable age might trigger trans women to think of their female genital mutilation: being circumcised in a clean hospital as a baby.

Period stigma and menstrual cycles harm trans women because they don’t get to feel the pain, too. They aren’t shamed and called dirty, or put in a hut to bleed while losing education. Like bleeders are actively oppressing trans women by even talking about our disgusting periods. In Nepal, a uterus-haver died from smoke inhalation in her sleep because she was forced to sleep outside in a hut, and lit a fire to keep herself warm. Makes you wonder why she just didn’t identify as something else so they would let her sleep inside??? Is Nepal so backwards where they think biology is real??

The World Health Organization reported that 1,000 women die every day of the consequences of pregnancy and child birth. I think The WHO is also a TERF, seeing as they are excluding trans women from these numbers. Like, hello, do a report to see how many trans women die a day from reproductive health issues regarding children and birth, and then come back to me to compare numbers. This is a subject that effects ALL women, trans and cis!!!

The WHO also states that breast cancer is the top cancer in women. Which is ridiculously offensive because we should focus on prostate cancer when it comes to women, and we should also probably sexualize prostate cancer as much as breast cancer is sexualized?

Anyways for my conclusion, “sex” based oppression does not exist and neither does biology. No. All these things happen to women because we identify as women, and if people everywhere just simply identified as men, there would be none of the previous issues stated!!! Biology isn’t real, reproduction is a sham, “mother” nature is a liar, and if you still believe in biology (like Nepal, the United Nations or the World Health Organization)… chances are you probably need to die along with all the other terfs :/”


   If simply identifying as a man is the solution, then why aren’t adult human females flocking over the divide and leaving their life of oppression behind?  It’s almost as if one’s personal identity isn’t inherently regarded as factual data when it comes to how society works…

Silencing women trying to speak about issues regarding their health – transactvism in action. Because when it isn’t about the menz, in just isn’t inclusive enough…

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