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Another man who decided if his property (i.e. wife) was not performing to his desires, it deserved death by gunshot. So he walked into the grade school where she worked and shot her to death.  Alas, two students behind her, likely sheltering there, “protected” by their teacher were hit as well.  One died.

And now?  Advice on “helping children cope.”  I find much of what that advice says to be pure bullshit.  Parents are told to “reassure your children that their schools are safe.”  Hey, this is not lying about Easter bunnies or Santa Claus, folks.  The schools are clearly NOT SAFE.

Any day, anywhere in America, a man with a gun can walk into a school and kill people.  That has been shown time and time again.  And if after the Sandy Hook massacre, nothing was done to stop this possibility, clearly schools and school children are…

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The lowdown on female struggle for reproductive freedom.


Donald Trump has just given states the power to completely defund Planned Parenthood. Not just related to abortion services (which weren’t federally funded in the first place), but also family planning, STI, pre-natal, and gynecological services.

Planned Parenthood has been under attack since the moment of inception, decades before it offered abortion services. The current administration’s actions are simply a result of a decades-long siege against ALL female reproductive rights – not just abortion. That’s why all the cries of “only 3% of services are abortion related” miss the point entirely. As revealed by the campaigns of Hobby Lobby and Christian nonprofits to refuse to provide birth control through employer-funded health insurance, the religious right views birth control on par with abortion, as it gives women control of their own bodies and reproduction. Even with abortion services cut from Planned Parenthood, the Christian right would still rally to to destroy…

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A great conversation between a Radical Feminist and Trans Person; with commentary.

Revive the Second Wave

Neither does anyone else, to be honest. I am so tired of males telling me to shut up and listen to trans males. I’m tired of them acting like women don’t have things so bad and that horrible things that females face is nothing like their gender feels, and shrugging when the harm that trans ideology is doing to women because a “few men slipping through the cracks” and assaulting women is a small price to pay to make sure that the transgender males are taken care of first.

I don’t know why this popped up in my medium feed, I don’t even read political articles on there, but it did. I decided to respond to this one based on the title. It looked like this conversation was going to be productive for at least one of us, at first. (I’m not including the original article, but it was some…

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Powerful writing on the ills of prostitution, please go view the entire post.


Everyday at lunch when it is nice out, I walk across the street to a little café and buy a bag of chips as a snack. And invariably I end up getting catcalled.

For me, the gauntlet of sexual harassment began early, as I developed beginning around 12, and until about 18 I looked much older than my years (one could say I eventually caught up). This gauntlet consisted of whistles, hoots, lewd comments, stalking as I walked home, groping, threatening comments if I didn’t respond – and many times there was some sort of combination. Many readers will understand what it is like to suddenly become public property. It was especially disconcerting for me as I never “identified” with being traditionally feminine and was, for a while, a straight up tomboy, with the athleticism to match the attitude. Then I developed breasts and an ass, and everything I understood…

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Trans-patriarchy/patriarchy. Not much difference if one observes material reality. A well written post articulating the appropriation of the term women and the sex specific issues that come with being female.


“Cis Women. Miright?”

This is an actual quote from the Geek Girl Puit’s article entitled, “Trans Girl Periods. Yes, that’s right. No, I’m being serious. Just read the damn article.”

I was reminded of this gem today when realized I had started my period. At the time of reading this, and frankly I don’t remember how I came across it, I remember googling more into the subject and being utterly pissed in trans women’s complete appropriation of periods. According to them, their hormone treatments fluctuate and once a month they get “period symptoms” – so they get “periods”, while “cis women” get “menstruating periods.” In other words, trans women appropriate the original term, despite complete lack of biological function related to the original term, while “cis women” have to define otherwise. And many trans women and liberal feminists are buying into this complete appropriation and false description of biology to…

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Our helping of Radfem goodness for the day. Thank you for the incisive commentary Purplesage. :)

Purple Sage

It’s time for another talk about the meaning of personal agency among oppressed people, because anti-feminists are still saying shit like:

  • You’re denying women’s agency
  • Take some personal responsibility for yourself
  • You just have a victim mentality

Anti-feminists say these things because they believe that, since feminists point out the structure of women’s oppression and feel pretty alarmed and upset about it, we must therefore be people who just want to choose to be victims because we like being victims. Apparently, if we didn’t want to be victims then we’d simply decide not to be victims, because we have free choice and agency. I’ve seen this exact line of reasoning argued a ton of times from various people, and it’s bullshit. This is a misrepresentation of what feminism is about.

The best paragraph ever written about “I Choose My Choice” politics is this old gem by Twisty Faster:

“Largely because…

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