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Clipped from the Feminist Current article 10 words we should retire in 2017.


“5) Cis/cisgender: This word is just gross. It sounds like a tumour.

But beyond its phonetic unpleasantness, “cis” is also insulting and harmful to women. Women who do not claim to have a special “gender identity” are told they are “cis.” Cis/cisgender is defined as identifying with the “gender you were assigned at birth.” For females, this means they supposedly identify with the feminine gender — aka the oppressive stereotypes that have been traditionally associated with/imposed on the female sex. This is, of course, bullshit. At birth, females are assigned a gendered role synonymous with inferiority and subordination. But just because a woman doesn’t claim to be anything other than a woman, doesn’t mean she “identifies” with her subordination. Women aren’t in this terrible position because it just so happens our personality is that of second-class citizens…”

Well let’s take a look at the issue of sexual orientation and sexual preferences when it meets with some of the gender ideology that is popular today.  It would seem, at least according to Ms.Berns, that it just homophobia dressed up to look and sound like its progressive and inclusive.

Highlights gleaned from ‘never-obey‘.

Riley: If you met someone who was extremely attractive, had a great personality, but didn’t have the genitals that you wanted, you might be surprised to find that it isn’t a deal breaker.

Magdalen: Yeah I’d be surprised! BECAUSE IT IS A DEAL BREAKER. […]

Riley: Gay conversion therapy has been proven not to work, but you can unlearn your own prejudices. It just takes time and conscious effort.[…] The more you work at unlearning your own prejudices, the more you’ll be able to see people from these groups as people rather than as tired stereotypes.

These people are positioning not having sex with males as an act of discrimination against a marginalized group. Point blank. We need to be vigilant about calling this out as we see it for what it is.

Every generation men come up with yet another cockamamie scheme to try to convince women that they must not ever say no to being fucked by men.


Some background on the gender critical vs transactivist debate.

Interesting conclusion – if gender is completely subjective, personal quality, how can it be meaningful in a descriptive sense?

It comes back down to the utility of meanings that are based in the material reality of the situation. Women = adult human female is an objective fact, and I haven’t seen an alternate definition that more accurately coincides with this evidence based conclusion.

The argument depicted below seems to sum up the problematic nature of the truth claims that trans-activists make. To analyze these claims precisely and coherently and refute them seems to get one labelled as a ‘transphobe’ (for disagreeing with worldview of someone else). Sorry, but that just doesn’t wash.

If we are to maintain any dedication to reasonable argumentation and reliance on evidence based decision making then there should be nothing wrong with the position Auntie Wanda takes. Win people over with strong arguments, not strong pejorative labels meant to silence them.

Let’s examine the claim that is often seen during gender-critical debates. The idea that radical feminists want to reduce women to their mere body parts is given a thorough response.  The tl;dr is that females, under patriarchy, are oppressed because they possess female anatomy, yes folks,  sex based oppression is where the action is.  :/

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