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When arguing with religious, one runs into many interesting aspects of the human character.  Close to the top of the list is Confirmation Bias – or the idea that we tend to cultivate and seek out views and standpoints that we agree, often at the expense of the truth of the matter.

Qualia Soup illustrates the process with religious arguments he’s faced in the past.

The challenge we all face is being charitable and arguing with what people have said/are saying, not what we think they are saying.  (Easy to say, hard to do, especially in the heat of the moment.)



Sad but true.


Can you find the grey kitty?

V knows how to make a blanket fort. Fiona does not.


Can you find the grey kitty?

This makes Fiona sad, and V smug.


It also makes Fiona curious.

It also makes Fiona curious.


Very curious.

Very curious.


Which displeases V immensely - which makes Fiona smug.

Which displeases V immensely – which makes Fiona smug.

Oh ho, a place where people who moan about PC have finally been vindicated…


Essential reading for women and men. Catch the .pdf here.

*Note for those without adblockers, the actual download link is small, almost covered by a large spam link. Be wary of this subterfuge while getting the .pdf. (Many thanks to JJshaw for pointing this out)

Starting the video a bit later to avoid the god-baggery they included in the beginning.  :)

malegaze   Insight time folks.  Many thanks to Alicen Gray for this.

“I often catch men in public checking me out with eyes full of lust, until they see the hair on my legs – at which point, they resort to a theatrical display of disgust. I’ve eavesdropped on groups of college-age guys talking about how they won’t perform oral sex on a woman if her labia are too prominent. One man who had been pursuing sex with me for three years, suddenly changed his mind when I revealed that I do not, and will not, shave off my pubic hair. In other words, many men stop being attracted to me when reminded that I am a woman, and not a young girl. Surely all of these men, who have a “preference” for the aforementioned qualities in women, aren’t pedophiles by the strict definition of the word. But it seems that a high number of men, likely as a result of deep cultural conditioning, find many of the same things attractive in a woman that a pedophile would find attractive in a girlchild. Small labia, tight vaginas, intact hymens, baby-soft skin, hairless limbs and vulvas, eternal youthfulness, tiny frail bodies …”

-Alicen Gray writing at the Feminist Current.



We’ll just file this under ‘pages that I need to photocopy and widely distribute’.


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