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  I like the idea of religion.  Faith comforts the mind, providing a solid defense against the existential questions that linger for all of us*.  Why not surrender to the warm and fuzzy religious mentality that has all the tough questions answered with a certainty that even the best argumentation could not hope to shake?

Wouldn’t that be nice?  Consider the christian get out of jail card…as long as you believe in jebus, you can be as much as an arsehole here on earth as you’d like, and still get to be with the angels when the curtain closes.  Merrily murder your way into the big book of genocidal low lights; slaughter till the rivers run red with your dastardly intent, you’ll be fine as long as you believe.

Absolute certainty of anything is an abomination.  – I love sounding like the middle-aged Obi-wan from episode 3 as be goes about condemning Anakin for his misdeeds and evil ways.  Battering my brain from his tortured speech, “Only Sith speak in absolutes…”      Thank you baron von paradox for that lovely chunk of wisdom, your concern is noted.  One could read more into the script seeing Obi-wan as flirting with the absolute and the folly of adhering to any particular absolute statement.   Do not count on that sort of existential angst and analysis from Lucas, as his idea of good script writing seems to be based on feeding his cats alphabet soup and then flinging their shit into the nearest word-processor.

I digress.

I’m pissed off that believing in a religion is such a shitty bargain.  Too much is lost in making deals with imaginary people and following absolute edicts that are oh so kindly translated for us peons so they make sense to us.  It is a rigged game, like much of life and it produces only a few winners and many, many, losers.  Entering games not rigged by me just is not worth my time.

Stupid religion, I must not be stupid, depressed, stressed, defenseless, gullible, indoctrinated,  (insert broken person adjective here) enough to want to embrace your shit-encrusted-ass-peanut of a bargain.

Lucky me.

* Those of us who have more than two neurons to rub together and the time to contemplate what life is.


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