I think, perhaps, the American public – so disassociated with what democracy actually is – has already begun the labourious task of wallpapering over the elephant in the room.

Is there a more obvious example of how undemocratic a supposedly democratic national is (hmm..18 years of being at war racking up trillions of dollars of war debt that will cripple their future *and* creating more terror and instability in the world)?

The current system will remain until change is forced on the powers that be.


Priorities in the US are quite askew.


This also just in…

An excerpt from Kennith Surin’s Essay, “Poverty American Style”.

There are not many aspects and norms that are left to chance in society.  The norms we accept, the ‘common knowledge’ we are all expected to understand, and “the way things are” are all socially constructed choices.  The decision whether to have society work for the majority of people or just a select few is not a codified law of nature, but rather a choice made by the people who currently control society.  The author of this piece argues that the crushing poverty in the US is a tacit choice made by the elite in American society, and because it richly benefits them, see no reason to change the current status quo.


“It doesn’t take an economic genius to know that what rescues the US is the dollar’s role as the primary global reserve currency, and the vast size of its economy. A huge and rampant stock market helps, but since that contributes significantly to cycles of boom and bust (87, 97, 2007, ??), its contribution to the overall economy should not be overestimated. In objective economic terms, therefore, with a smaller overall economy and without a global reserve currency, the US would in all probability be more like Brazil.

After making his statement on the US, Alston gave an interview on the Amy Goodman radio show, at the time when the Republicans published their tax-cut bill which is now law. To quote him:

“[T]he issue with elimination of poverty always is around resources: ‘We don’t have the money.’ The United States, again, uniquely, has the money. It could eliminate poverty overnight, if it wanted to. What we’re seeing now is the classic — it’s a political choice. Where do you want to put your money? Into the very rich or into creating a decent society, which will actually be economically more productive than just giving the money to those who already have a lot?”.

It is impossible to disagree with Philip Alston when he says that this state of affairs has resulted from political choice and not economic necessity.

Apart from his plutocratic supporters (the Kochs, Papa John the pizza man, Sheldon Adelson, Art Pope, Robert Mercer, Robert Kraft, the DeVos wife and husband, and of course the army of their hangers-on and wannabes in Republican country clubs), Trump’s base consists of moderately or less well-off whites who’ve had the show all to themselves for many decades– this making their own systemic exploitation somewhat bearable– but who now have to share this show with blacks and Latinos, Muslim Americans, “the gays” (as the near-senile televangelist Pat Robertson refers to this community), as well as a small quota of refugees from America’s unceasing wars and bombing campaigns, and so forth.

As other CounterPunchers have noted, “Make America Great Again” is code aimed at this group of white self-professed “victims”— thanks to Trump’s declamations the latter somehow believe they are more likely to have the show to themselves once again.

Supporting the very affluent wearer of a baseball cap (made in the US but from imported fabrics) sporting this slogan, is always a political choice, as is the preference of the plutocracy to line its already ample pockets by donating massively to the cap-wearing con artist: “con artist” being the appellation used by his fellow Republican plutocrats Michael Bloomberg and Mitt Romney, who have political ambitions of their own not entirely congruent with Trump’s white-nationalist agenda, however incoherent the latter may be.

Trump, Romney, or Bloomberg? Whichever one gets ahead politically; the plutocracy will prevail. As it did with Bill Clinton and Obama.

Also a political choice in this context is the preference of mainstream Schumer and Pelosi Democrats to make congressional shadow-boxing a pitiful facsimile of real opposition.

And so, a great many Americans have before them an option expressed by a well-known philosopher, if only they opened their eyes: “You have nothing to lose but your chains”.”

The level of poverty in the US is unacceptable, it won’t change until the streets are filled and people re-engage with the political process.


“Why did I speak out? Why can I not stop speaking out?

I cannot stay silent whilst Lesbians are being given the ultimatum of ‘sleep with someone who says they’re a woman even though they have a penis or be labelled Transphobic?’ (I will not apologise for saying this sounds like harassment at best and rape culture at worst.)

I could not stay silent whilst men with penises demanded access to women’s prisons, shortlists, changing rooms, hospital wards, shelters, sports, bathrooms and safe zones. In fact according to gender identity activists there is no place on earth that should be PENIS FREE. (Not even Lesbian relationships.)

Up until a few weeks ago I believed I was a Trans ally. I accept Transsexual women, I can appreciate that their journey cannot have been easy; I would never intentionally disrespect someone or refer to them by a pronoun which they didn’t recognise as being appropriate. If you’d asked me should a Transsexual woman who has undergone sex reassignment surgery be housed in a man’s prison I would have said absolutely not, they would become as much of a target as a woman being incarcerated there.

Women are raped by penises, not identities and it is for this reason also that I believe someone with a penis who says they feel like a woman should not be jailed along with women.

The complete refusal to accept that Male Violence is perpetrated by those who have a penis along with the refusal to accept biological reality just leaves me baffled. How can you have a sensible debate with someone who won’t present any evidence but insists on their view being correct. It’s kind of like being back in the Pentecostal church I used to attend. One of the church goers claimed God had given her Gold teeth, my best friend Sarah took a look and said, “No, they’re your Mercury fillings.” We need more women like Sarah in the world.”

-Noracalder (post found here)

Capezzuto/Galeazzi/Mancini – Lu Passariello

O re, re, lu passariello ‘nta ll’avena,E si nun lu va’ a paràTutta ll’avena se magnarrà’O riavulo, stanotteE mugliereme è caduta da lu liette;’O riavulo stanotteLa jatta s’è magnata li cunfiette.E si prima eremo a tre a ballà la tarantella,Mo’ simmo rimaste a ddujeE mugliereme quant’è bella.Santo Michele sarva ogne Christianemoniche, monicelle e artigiane.O re, re, lu passariello ‘nta ll’avena,E si nun lu va’ a paràTutta ll’avena se magnarrà.

Beware, the sparrow’s in the oats!If we don’t drive it away,It’ll eat the lot!The devil, last nightMy wife fell out of bedThe devil, last nightThe cat scoffed all the cakesAnd if we were three to dance the tarantella before,Now we are only two,And my wife is the fairest.St Michael, save all ChristiansNuns, monks, craftsmen.Beware, the sparrow’s in the oats!If we don’t drive it away,It’ll eat the lot!

I’m so very lucky to have such a sharp feminist commentariate here at DWR (thanks for leaving this comment, Meg).  Along with the informative nuanced discussion, gems like this crop up and are too good not be shared.  Can I get a ‘society doesn’t give two shits about your special gender feels’ for $200, Alex?

Let’s get this straight.  This isn’t about hating on or disparaging individual trans people, it never has been.  My contention, since I was first exposed to trans ideology and transactivsm (aka MRA activism) has been this – other people’s subjective beliefs do not/should not dictate my reality.   I’ve been an atheist, since forever, and brook no shit when it comes to religious claims about religious interpretations of  reality and how society should be.  If you keep your theological mumbo-jumbo and bullshit practices to yourself and don’t impose them on others then things are great – you have ALL of my blessings to freely waste your own life as you see fit. If praying to invisible sky-fairies and following the ‘bestest’ 2000 year old wisdom from the high moral vanguard of the sheep-herding class is your ‘jam’…

Knock yourself out.

The instant you think that I should get behind your bronze age fuckwagon of stupid ideas – then we have a problem.   Your sincere religious beliefs and identity have exactly fuck-all to do with material factual reality and thus precisely zero to do with how I should view the world.

The claims of transactivists – that feelings transcend observable reality (generally speaking) – are in the exact same category of the religious who believe in omnipotent skyfairies.  If you think you can change your biological sex by adopting the patriarchal toxic gender stereotypes that are currently (have been for thousands of years) oppressing women in our society then again, my answer is easy.

Knock yourself out.

The instant you think I (or any feminist worth their salt) should give any weight to your subjectively personal gender fuckwagon of stupid contradictory ideas – then we have a problem.

There is nothing wrong in disagreeing with ideas and ideology that are at odds with reality.  If your ideology doesn’t hold up under criticism, then the problem is with your ideology, not the people pointing out the (obvious) flaws in it.

The quote that follows illustrates precisely the reality transactivists refuse to acknowledge.  The treatment they receive in society is but a pale shade of the fucking standard plate of shit that females get in society.  If they were actually women they would be told (and socialized from birth) to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up – like women (adult human females) are every day.


“These are but a few of many examples of all the ways people prove through their behavior that they don’t actually believe what they’re saying. They just don’t. They can say they believe “transwomen are women” but they don’t treat transwomen as actual women. Don’t you see? If transwomen were actually women, then the problems of transwomen would be treated with the same hum-drum response as any other woman’s issue. It wouldn’t be forced in everyone’s face, demanding the highest visibility and everyone’s immediate attention. No, that’s how men’s issues are treated. That’s how disadvantaged men are treated. That’s how men are prioritized over women, each and every time.

So sure, you can sit around and argue with them until you’re both blue in the face, but remember who you’re arguing with. You’re not arguing with people who actually believe their own assertions. You’re arguing with people who are baffling you with bullshit, even if they aren’t consciously aware that’s what they’re doing.”


Need more evidence?  Take a peek at the state of female reproductive rights in your corner of the world and observe carefully how short a shrift is given to actual female problems.

Fascinating stuff as my knowledge of cars and engines is roughly at the – ‘turn key, car go’ level.


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