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A post that deserves to be amplified.  Thank you BB for your words and your insight.


“However, you all would be amazed if you saw the sheer number of men who get ragingly pissed off by this post. For that reason alone I thought that it was worth reposting so today I’m copying it to this new post, just because I think it’ll be alot of fun to visit memory lane.”


The Rapist Checklist

Some things to remember…

  1. You are a rapist if you get a girl drunk and have sex with her.

  2. You are a rapist if you find a drunk girl and have sex with her.

  3. You are a rapist if you get yourself drunk and have sex with her. Your drunkeness is no excuse.

  4. If you are BOTH drunk you may still be a rapist.

  5. If she’s alternating between puking her guts out and passing out in the bed then you’re a rapist.

  6. If she’s sleeping and you have sex with her you’re a rapist.

  7. If she’s unconscious and you have sex with her then you’re a rapist.

  8. If she’s taking sleeping pills and doesn’t wake up when you have sex with her then you’re a rapist.

  9. If she is incapacitated in any way and unable to say ‘Yes’ then you’re a rapist.

  10. If you drug her then you’re a rapist.

  11. If you find a drugged girl and have sex with her then you’re a rapist.

  12. If you don’t bother to ask her permission and she says neither ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ then you could be a rapist.

  13. You are a rapist if you ‘nag’ her for sex. Because you manage to ply an eventual ‘yes’ from a weary victim doesn’t mean it’s not rape. You are a rapist.

  14. You are a rapist if you try to circumvent her “No” by talking her into it. She’s not playing hard to get, and, even if she IS it’s not YOUR responsibility to ‘get’ her. You’re still a rapist.

  15. You are a rapist if you manipulate her into sex when she doesn’t otherwise want it. If you say, “If you loved me you’d do X” then you’re a rapist. If you say, “All the other kids are doing it!” then you’re a rapist.

  16. If you threaten her, or act in a way that SHE thinks you’re threatening her then you’re a rapist. If you puff up and get loud and frustrated while trying to ‘talk’ her into sex then you’re a rapist.

  17. You are a rapist if you don’t immediately get your hands off of her when she says ‘no’. You are a rapist if you take your hands off of her and then put them back ON her after 10 minutes and she eventually ‘gives in’ to this tactic.

  18. You are a rapist if you won’t let her sleep peacefully without waking her every 15 minutes asking her for sex. Sleep depravation is a form of torture and YOU are a rapist.

  19. If you’re necking with her and you’re naked and you’ve already gone down on her and she says ‘No’ to sex with you and you have sex with her anyway then you’re a rapist.

  20. If you’re engaged in intercourse and she says ‘No’ at ANY point and you don’t immediately stop then you’re a rapist.

  21. If she said “Yes” to sex with a condom and that condom breaks and you proceed anyway then you’re a rapist.

  22. If she picked you up at a bar looking for sex and then decides that she doesn’t WANT sex and you continue then you’re a rapist.

  23. If she changes her mind at ANY point for ANY reason and you don’t immediately back off or you try to talk her into it and get sex anyway then you’re a rapist.

  24. If you don’t hit her and she says ‘No’ you’re still a rapist.

  25. If you don’t have a knife or a gun or a garrote and she says ‘No’ then you’re still a rapist.

  26. If you’re a friend of hers you can still be a rapist.

  27. If you had sex with her the night before but she doesn’t want morning sex and you pressure her for it anyway then you’re a rapist.

  28. If you’re her husband you can still be a rapist.

  29. If it’s your wedding night and she doesn’t WANT to have sex with you and you force or coerce her anyway then you’re a rapist.

  30. If she’s had sex with you hundreds of times before but doesn’t want to on the 101st time then you’re a rapist.

  31. If you penetrate her anally, orally or digitally against her will then YOU my friend, are ALSO a rapist.

  32. Women do not owe you sex.

  33. Buying her dinner does not entitle you to sex.

  34. Paying her mortgage does not entitle you to sex.

  35. Buying her clothing does not entitle you to sex.

  36. Buying her lingerie does not entitle you to sex. It also doesn’t mean that she has any obligation to wear that lingerie around you.

  37. Spending any amount of money on her does not, ever, entitle you to sex.

  38. Seeing her legs or cleavage does not entitle you to sex.

  39. If she ‘turns you on’ you’re not entitled to sex.

  40. If she has fucked every man in a 10 square mile radius and she doesn’t want to fuck you and you have sex with her anyway, then you’re a rapist.

  41. Her clothing is not a reason for you to rape her. Her LACK of clothing is no reason to rape her. If she’s wearing a thong and pasties you STILL have no right to rape her.

  42. If she’s a prostitute and she says “No” then you’re a rapist.

  43. If she’s a stripper and she says “No” then you’re a rapist. Likewise, if she’s a stripper and she’s been rubbing against your dick all night long and you follow her to her car and have sex with her against her will then you are ALSO a rapist.

  44. If you watch a woman being raped without calling the authorities then you’re as bad as a rapist and you may also be a rapist yourself.

  45. If you don’t fight rape then you accept rape.

  46. If you don’t believe a woman when she says she was raped then you’re encouraging rape.

  47. If you choose to remain friends with a man who raped a woman you are encouraging rape.

  48. If you confess to the authorities that you raped a woman it does not exonerate you. You are not suddenly a model of good behavior.

  49. If you ‘only’ raped one woman, you’re STILL a rapist.

  50. You cannot tell who is a rapist by the way they look. Rapists are your friends, your brothers, your fathers and you won’t know it.

  51. Do not get frustrated with a woman if she doesn’t trust you. SHE already knows that rapists don’t wear signs on their foreheads. Something you think is innocuous SHE may find terrifying.

sadface   This is a post based on a personal experience.  The general topic of the sexist nature of video game culture can be found here.

As of late, I’ve been on a bit of League of Legends binge; a fact the Intransignet One can well attest.  The problem with League of Legends (LoL) is that the competitive aspects of the game makes it very rewarding to win and thus, difficult to not to play.  It is a strategic game based on skillful play and teamwork – it rewards the teams that communicate and work together.  Thus, voice over IP in the competitive stream, provides a definite leg up on those who do not use voice communication.

Ah the glories of voice communication… it exposes one to other gamers with different backgrounds and social experiences and therein lies the problem.  What do you do when one of your teammates, as a part of their regular vocabulary, uses the word ‘rape’ to describe what is happening in game?

As in:  “We are raping hard right now!” as a descriptor of our team doing very well or, “we’re getting raped” when we happen to be losing.

Here is where I pause because I’m stuck and I know I should not be.  Rape is traumatic, horrible crime that should not be normalized in gamer talk.  Yet, when I was confronted with it, I sat passively by and said nothing (tacit acceptance, if you’re keeping score).  There were five people chatting and they noted that those darned Canadians were a quiet polite lot.  Little did they know the social struggle going on within me.

The pressure to accept the normalized use of the word rape was stifling as it would mean, on my behalf, requesting that said individuals please refrain from using that terminology in chat.  I was part of a social group and we were all having fun playing a game – and it would mean harshing that particular mellow.

In hindsight I can see that all the social baggage that prevented me from speaking up was/is utter bullshit.  There is no excuse for not calling out rape culture when it is staring you right in the face, yet I declined to act, thus propagating and encouraging the rape culture that I vigourously campaign against in other facets of my life.

This is a personal failure of integrity and will.  It leaves me feeling disappointed in myself and my culture.

Anti-rape education is making poor frat-boys’ penises sad, according to this article at Bloomberg.

…making out with a girl at a party. Things were going fine, the student said, when suddenly a vision of his school’s disciplinary board flew into his head.

“‘I want to go to law school or medical school after this,’” Pollack said, recounting the student’s comments. “‘I said to her, it’s been nice seeing you.’”

OK, if the disciplinary board is flashing into your head, chances are it’s because you know something’s not right. It’s too bad fear for your future, and not, you know, empathy or human decency, made you back off, but I’m sure the woman in question appreciates it.

“I don’t think it’s about me,” said Gill, the Harvard student. “I feel like I’m pretty good guy. But if I’m talking to a girl and want to gauge her interest, I’m more cautious than I used to be. I don’t want to cross the line.”

And this is a bad thing?!

Some men feel that too much responsibility for preventing sexual assault has been put on their shoulders, said Chris Herries, a senior at Stanford University. While everyone condemns sexual assault, there seems to be an assumption among female students that they shouldn’t have to protect themselves by avoiding drunkenness and other risky behaviors, he said.

“Do I deserve to have my bike stolen if I leave it unlocked on the quad?” Herries, 22, said. “We have to encourage people not to take on undue risk.”

Oh for fuck’s sake. Let’s talk about undue risks here. Back in the day, I used to be a goth/punk/alternative club-girl. I used to go out dressed super-provocatively, and dance provocatively, and drink – sometimes too much – and sometimes go home with people I met at the club and we would have consensual sex. I never got raped. In fact, I don’t even recall having been touched inappropriately without my consent. And we’re talking about a period of several years, here.

Why was “my” club a safe place for women to express our sexuality? Because, simply put, the culture there was a culture of consent and mutual respect. Things like coming up behind a woman, grabbing her by the hips, and grinding against her, were Simply Not Done, and the social opprobium unleashed on anybody who tried it (“normal” bro-dudes out to slum with the weirdos and ogle girls in corsets) put a very swift end to it, and to the perpetrator’s presence in the club.

But you know what? None of this put any kind of damper on people hooking up. So suck it up, poor poor fratboys of Stanford and Harvard, and learn to tell the difference between a woman who wants to make out with you, and a woman who was happily minding her own business before you imposed your unwelcome person on her. I assure you, it’s really not complicated, as long as you’re not an entitled flaming douchebag who thinks your boner makes everything you do morally ok.

Rapeculture Today’s Red Pen of Justice edition is brought to you by the clueless parvanimity of Neil Macdonald.  Mr. Macdonald  has many important opinions on Rape Culture and, shockingly enough, they are completely out-to-fucking-lunch-brain-gone-fishing, wrong.

“For people my age, the freedom to get drunk or high and then have sex with someone was a right guaranteed by the sexual revolution of the Sixties.”

Oh!!  So you valued have available female fuck-toilets to bang when you were getting crunked in name of peace, luv and rock and roll.  Wow, funny how the ‘sexual revolution’ that gave dudes more peentacular access to women is lauded while the current battle for female bodily autonomy and consensual relations is slandered.

One paragraph in and you need a machete to cut through the misogyny.  Awesome!

“Heaven knows that much of the world, beginning with Islamic societies, still discourages or forbids such behaviour.  Oh, and also Yale University.”

Ah yes, because Islamic religion and Yale are completely the same.


    Islam is all about protecting women’s modesty from the phaser-like dick beams that emanate from Islamic men.  Women’s bodies drive Islamic men around the jizz-tastic bend (tru-fax!!) therefore its into the gunny sack for Islamic women and most of their rights.  No misogyny here, move along, move along please. 

Yale is attempting to ensure that people are not unwilling participants in sexual and social encounters within their institution.  Here is what the Yale Policy says:

“Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as positive, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement to engage in specific sexual activity throughout a sexual encounter. Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no”; a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary.  Consent to some sexual acts does not imply consent to others, nor does past consent to a given act imply present or future consent. Consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual encounter and can be revoked at any time.

Consent cannot be obtained by threat, coercion, or force. Agreement under such circumstances does not constitute consent.

Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is asleep or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition. A person is mentally or physically incapacitated when that person lacks the ability to make or act on considered decisions to engage in sexual activity.  Engaging in sexual activity with a person whom you know — or reasonably should know — to be incapacitated constitutes sexual misconduct.”

Whoa.  You go Yale!  Treating people with bodily autonomy and safeguarding their rights.  Let us see what McShitstain, err…  Mcdonald thinks about a treating people with dignity and respect…

“A person who is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs cannot by definition consent to sex, and is therefore a rape victim if sex occurs.   If both parties are drunk, presumably, it would be up to Yale administrators to decide who was the rapist and who was the victim.  This may all sound beyond the realm of common sense, but it is real.”

Do take note and sample the fine airs of special pleading that is happening here.  The only case mentioned were both parties are drunk.  McShitstain, you and other entitled man-children like you can fuck right off forever.  If both parties are drunk then no action between either is predicated by the rules set out.  This isn’t rocket science – the default action when consent is in question is to back off and not do anything.

Did you feel that that?  As a matter of fact, I felt it – a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of  man-bonerz suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

TL;DR – Your entitled man-attitude and fucking stiffy does not trump women’s right to be treated as a human beings.  I feel like I’m giving shit-stains a bad name by associating them with you…  Onward turd-lord!

“American universities are under serious pressure by federal authorities to do something about the “campus rape culture,” as some call it – 55 U.S. colleges and universities are currently under investigation for failing to protect students from sexual harassment or assault.”

Protecting your students from rape?  GTFO!  The nerve of some schools trying to provide a safe environment for their students.  It must be a communist plot or even worse – a socialist one.  And why is protecting students a bad thing?  How is a raging sac of bollocks like yourself even allowed near a keyboard when it comes to this issue is completely beyond me.

“Alarmed at the growing perception that they’re becoming havens for rapists, the schools are coming out with codes of sexual behaviour that go far beyond criminal law.”

Good.  Good, good, goodly-good.  Because the law isn’t doing enough to combat the sexual abuse and harassment in our culture.  This is what setting the bar higher looks and feels like – sorry about the bruise on your forehead, asshat.

“Therefore, if a college administrator thinks that you more likely than not violated a lengthy, highly detailed set of sexual rules, you’re not just expelled, you may also be shamed in the media as a sexual predator and stained for life.”

But, but, but, the ‘peen was meant to run FREE!  Oh woe! The onerous burden of consent you must really know how Atlas feels eh?    The president of Shitistan just called, he wants you to stop ruining his country’s good name…

We are not done with you yet, douche-nozzle in training.   How dare you compare the shaming of sexual predators with victims of rape.  How the ever loving frack do you do this?  Have you discovered some sort of dark energy that requires you to have your head firmly embedded in your ass?

“Presumably, the government has decided that the need to avoid further traumatizing victims trumps an accused’s right to question the accuser.  The intent behind all this is laudable. I say that as the father of a daughter who just graduated from university.  But what the universities are doing is also frightening, and I say that as the father of a son who is going into his senior year.”

Shorter Douche McAsshat: My male right to a woman’s body is being violated, changing behaviour to make people aware of boundaries and personhood infringes on my right to be a dude.

“Not only are universities all over America substituting their administrators for police and courts, they are attempting, with the best of intentions, to parse and regulate human behaviour down to the least gesture and syllable.”

Overcoming patriarchal constructs is HARD, dipshit.  If it was a walk in the park, unlike now because of your whinge-baby-mantrums dressed up as a noble defence of the status-quo keep getting in the way of progress, we’d be over the idea that consent is some sort of weird idea requiring two Rosetta stones and the wisdom of the ancients to decipher.


“Alas, this is not a public debate that encourages critical writing.”

You don’t say.

“After a White House task force declared in April that one in five women on campus has been sexually assaulted, and that only 12 per cent of sexual assaults on campus are reported, Dr. Mark Perry, an economics prof at the University of Michigan, ridiculed Washington’s math by using actual sexual assault figures from three schools.”

Too bad Dr. Mark Perry screwed up the analysis.

“Another key fact Perry’s analysis misses is that colleges only track certain types of sexual assault in their numbers. Typically colleges only report assaults that occurred on campus and/or assaults in which the accused perpetrator was also a student at that university. So, again, we expect the numbers tracked by a university to be smaller than the number of assaults their students actually experience and report to local police.

The take home point is that the number tracked by the college would only be a fraction of the assaults that George and Mark are using as a comparison. The mismatch doesn’t mean the prevalence figures are wrong — it’s that they have compared a select group of cases that are tracked by a university to a wider group of assaults that their students experience and report to local police.”

Whoops – hate to deflate your confirmation bias Neil.

“Conservative commentator George Will, a sober analyst if there ever was one,[...]“

As long as you’re into mostly irrelevant arch-conservative altiloquent drivel.  His level of poisonous bullshit is an post unto itself.  See the Michigan Chronicle for rebut of his asinine diatribe.  

“[...] then cited Perry’s critique in a column, suggesting that colleges, with their extra-legal sexual conduct rules, and their “trigger warnings” about offensive languages in textbooks, and their campus speech codes, are treating students like fragile hothouse flowers, rather than preparing them for the world.”

Ah yes, the real world where, you know, patriarchy and misogyny are the gold standards and you just need to abide by them.  Treating Patriarchy as some sort of inevitable force of nature is bullshit Neil, stop it.

“Four U.S. senators promptly blasted Will as an antique who trivializes and legitimizes sexual assault, perpetuating myths created by victimizers.”

See, we do have progress in society. 

“There was similar blowback last year, when journalist Emily Yoffe had the temerity to suggest that while sexual assault must be punished young women might also want to avoid getting blind drunk  Yoffe quoted Anne Coughlin, a professor at the University of Virginia and an expert on feminist jurisprudence, as saying more or less the same thing.  Those who believe there is a rape culture on American campuses have called that “blaming the victim.”

   Because blaming the victim totally doesn’t happen…  Neil saying shit like this that puts you into multiple facepalm territory, your ignorance is dangerous and you should stop spreading it around.  

“But every parent should certainly consider this: If the complications of human sexuality and its often ambiguous mating dance defy consistent definition by the intellectual candlepower of entire university faculties, what advice should you give children who might still be in their teens as they head off to college?”

What, exactly, is ambigious about consent?  If you have it great, if you don’t, stop proceedings immediately.  If you’re not sure, stop proceedings immediately.   My God, the epic complexity of this notion – we need more SCIENCE on this one dudes…

“his would be mine if my son or daughter were ever to ask: If you feel the need for a sexual adventure, seek it off campus, where police have expert investigators and courts guarantee your rights. Due process, in other words.”

Because expert investigators and the courts are always so darn sympathetic to the victims of rape.  I have no words for the sheer amount of stupid you’re doling out in your ‘advice’. 

“And avoid sex with fellow students, period. It’s just too risky nowadays.”

Because changing the misogynistic ground rules of society is much much much MUCH too hard, so take your balls on go your own way.   If this perchance helps exclude your type of thinking from the next generations gene pool, I think we can call your strategy a win for everyone.

RPOJ out. 







An excerpt from The Feminist Battle After the Isla Vista Massacre by Rebecca Solnit:

“Six years ago, when I sat down and wrote the essay “Men Explain Things to Me,” here’s what surprised me: though I began with a ridiculous example of being patronized by a man, I ended with rapes and murders. We tend to treat violence and the abuse of power as though they fit into airtight categories: harassment, intimidation, threat, battery, rape, murder. But I realize now that what I was saying is: it’s a slippery slope. That’s why we need to address that slope, rather than compartmentalizing the varieties of misogyny and dealing with each separately. Doing so has meant fragmenting the picture, seeing the parts, not the whole.

A man acts on the belief that you have no right to speak and that you don’t get to define what’s going on. That could just mean cutting you off at the dinner table or the conference. It could also mean telling you to shut up, or threatening you if you open your mouth, or beating you for speaking, or killing you to silence you forever. He could be your husband, your father, your boss or editor, or the stranger at some meeting or on the train, or the guy you’ve never seen who’s mad at someone else but thinks “women” is a small enough category that you can stand in for “her.” He’s there to tell you that you have no rights.

Threats often precede acts, which is why the targets of online rape and death threats take them seriously, even though the sites that allow them and the law enforcement officials that generally ignore them apparently do not. Quite a lot of women are murdered after leaving a boyfriend or husband who believes he owns her and that she has no right to self-determination.”


Go read the rest. 

steubenville   The really bestest-awesomest part of discussing rape culture with dudes (and select handmaidens of the patriarchy) is their abject denial of rape culture.   Yet, objectively, the culture we live in is a rape culture and  this study adds even more support to what many feminists have been saying for so many years.


“(April 2014) – New evidence from the journal Gender & Society helps explain what women’s advocates have argued for years – that women report abuse at much lower rates than it actually occurs. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), 44% of victims are under the age of 18, and 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to police.

The study, “Normalizing Sexual Violence: Young Women Account for Harassment and Abuse,” will appear in the June 2014 issue of Gender & Society, a top-ranked journal in Gender Studies and Sociology. The findings reveal that girls and young women rarely reported incidents of abuse because they regarded sexual violence against them as normal.

Sociologist Heather Hlavka at Marquette University analyzed forensic interviews conducted by Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) with 100 youths between the ages of three and 17 who may have been sexually assaulted. Hlavka found that the young women experienced forms of sexual violence in their everyday lives including: objectification, sexual harassment, and abuse. Often times they rationalized these incidents as normal.

During one interview, referring to boys at school, a 13 year-old girl states:

“They grab you, touch your butt and try to, like, touch you in the front, and run away, but it’s okay, I mean… I never think it’s a big thing because they do it to everyone.”

The researcher’s analysis led her to identify several reasons why young women do not report sexual violence.

  • Girls believe the myth that men can’t help it. The girls interviewed described men as unable to control their sexual desires, often framing men as the sexual aggressors and women as the gatekeepers of sexual activity. They perceived everyday harassment and abuse as normal male behavior, and as something to endure, ignore, or maneuver around.
  • Many of the girls said that they didn’t report the incident because they didn’t want to make a “big deal” of their experiences.  They doubted if anything outside of forcible heterosexual intercourse counted as an offense or rape.
  • Lack of reporting may be linked to trust in authority figures. According to Hlavka, the girls seem to have internalized their position in a male-dominated, sexual context and likely assumed authority figures would also view them as “bad girls” who prompted the assault.
  • Hlavka found that girls don’t support other girls when they report sexual violence. The young women expressed fear that they would be labeled as a “whore” or “slut,” or accused of exaggeration or lying by both authority figures and their peers, decreasing their likelihood of reporting sexual abuse.


The young women in the study provided insight into how some youth perceived their experiences of sexual violence and harassment during sexual encounters with men. In particular, the study pointed to how the law and popular media may lead to girls’ interpreting their abuse as normal. According to the author, policymakers, educators, and lawmakers need to address how sexual violence is actually experienced by youth beginning at very young ages in order to increase reporting practices, and to protect children from the everyday violence and harassment all too common in their lives.”



the-cat“You want to say Hi to the cute girl on the subway. How will she react? Fortunately, I can tell you with some certainty, because she’s already sending messages to you. Looking out the window, reading a book, working on a computer, arms folded across chest, body away from you = do not disturb. So, y’know, don’t disturb her. Really. Even to say that you like her hair, shoes, or book. A compliment is not always a reason for women to smile and say thank you. You are a threat, remember? You are Schrödinger’s Rapist. Don’t assume that whatever you have to say will win her over with charm or flattery. Believe what she’s signaling, and back off.

If you speak, and she responds in a monosyllabic way without looking at you, she’s saying, “I don’t want to be rude, but please leave me alone.” You don’t know why. It could be “Please leave me alone because I am trying to memorize Beowulf.” It could be “Please leave me alone because you are a scary, scary man with breath like a water buffalo.” It could be “Please leave me alone because I am planning my assassination of a major geopolitical figure and I will have to kill you if you are able to recognize me and blow my cover.”

On the other hand, if she is turned towards you, making eye contact, and she responds in a friendly and talkative manner when you speak to her, you are getting a green light. You can continue the conversation until you start getting signals to back off.

The fourth point: If you fail to respect what women say, you label yourself a problem.

There’s a man with whom I went out on a single date—afternoon coffee, for one hour by the clock—on July 25th. In the two days after the date, he sent me about fifteen e-mails, scolding me for non-responsiveness. I e-mailed him back, saying, “Look, this is a disproportionate response to a single date. You are making me uncomfortable. Do not contact me again.” It is now October 7th. Does he still e-mail?

Yeah. He does. About every two weeks.

This man scores higher on the threat level scale than Man with the Cockroach Tattoos. (Who, after all, is guilty of nothing more than terrifying bad taste.) You see, Mr. E-mail has made it clear that he ignores what I say when he wants something from me. Now, I don’t know if he is an actual rapist, and I sincerely hope he’s not. But he is certainly Schrödinger’s Rapist, and this particular Schrödinger’s Rapist has a probability ratio greater than one in sixty. Because a man who ignores a woman’s NO in a non-sexual setting is more likely to ignore NO in a sexual setting, as well.

So if you speak to a woman who is otherwise occupied, you’re sending a subtle message. It is that your desire to interact trumps her right to be left alone. If you pursue a conversation when she’s tried to cut it off, you send a message. It is that your desire to speak trumps her right to be left alone. And each of those messages indicates that you believe your desires are a legitimate reason to override her rights.

For women, who are watching you very closely to determine how much of a threat you are, this is an important piece of data.”


an excerpt from Phaedra Starling’s “Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced

“Can every one of my male followers read this? And please, before you get defensive (“I would never rape anyone!”) keep in mind, women being afraid of Shrodinger’s Rapists (oh my god i still can’t get over the encompassing brilliance of this phrase) is a conditioned, learned response from being immersed in rape culture and the evolution of sexism and sexual violence in our society from the day we’re born. And unfortunately, it’s very difficult to unlearn without the efforts of all genders to dismantle it.

Which is where you come in.”

You see it every day, the micro aggressions against people, the sexism, the put-downs.  Make your corner of the world a safe space for everyone, it is the least you can do as a decent human being.


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*Gothic *Steampunk *Fetish Fashion * cool stuff for Adult Girls * [female equality and empowerment in the Lifestyle BD/SM realm] * Bard/Ovate/Druid )0( female *Aspergers

Pass the Flaming Sword

All this Patriarchy isn't going to smash itself...

ann tagonist

Female. Feminist. Faithless.


a radical feminist blog

A feminist roars

The musings of a radical feminist navigating the patriarchal jungle

Going Radical

Advocating for a better world for women


On Being a Woman


capturing the manosphere in senses

Your social constructs are showing

Atheist, childfree, radical feminist blogging about social justice issues

Gender Identity Watch

Watching Legal Developments That Erase Female Reality

mirabile dictu

Feminism, Poetry, Images, Politics

News, Analysis, Culture

Pearls Before Swine

The Blog O' Stephan Pastis


just another roughseas blog about life in Gib and Spain

Bitethehand - the real Untrusted?

How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form


"The first problem, for men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn." -Gloria Steinem


Rhythmatic Explosions


Welcome to my soapbox. Check your privilege at the door.


Reflections of a deeper psyche!

The Prime Directive

"No future triumph or metamorphosis can justify the pitiful blighting of a human being against his will." Peter Zapffe

Sniping In Heels

Thoughts on all things geeky or feminist. Mostly things that are both.

welcome to paradox

amateur poetry and prose with a smattering of feminism.

Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Victoria N℮ür☼N☮☂℮ṧ

Life, Synaptic Pruning, and the Pursuit of Happiness


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