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We, as a species have had the capacity to end ourselves quite completely since the late 1940′s.  We often have our greatest minds working highly creative ways of ending human life.  What bothers me the most about this quick video is the amount of ingenuity necessary to bring these designs from the blackboard to reality and then to mass production.  Imagine if we could harness this impulse for technology and innovation that saves peoples lives instead of ending them

Some relevant background given the recent publicity of how much our governments pry into our personal lives.

Whatever your take on recent revelations about government spying on our phone calls and Internet activity, there’s no denying that Big Brother is bigger and less brotherly than we thought. What’s the resulting cost to our privacy — and more so, our democracy? Lawrence Lessig joins Bill to discuss the implications of our government’s actions.

Yet another reminder about the permanence of your digital comings and goings.  Some of the reasons mentioned here are why I choose to blog under a pseudonym :)


An explosion and/or fire at Shaw Court in Calgary has knocked out a significant quantity of telecommunications equipment, affecting not only bank machines and radio stations, but stuff like 911 service and the program that tells ambulances which hospital they should take a patient to.

Calgary Fire Department spokesperson Jayson Doyscher tells OpenFile: “the sprinklers have been keeping the fires in that room at bay. Just due to the amount of electrical equipment in there, we’re trying to make sure that we can secure it so firefighters aren’t at risk before they go into that room.”

I’m going to repeat the salient bit:




Normally when you talk about mission-critical infrastructure, you’re talking about stuff like the servers that handle banking and the stock market.  And for that kind of thing, the technology exists to have redundant servers in multiple locations that can fail-over almost seamlessly if something like this happens.   We don’t have all the details, but chances are some of this stuff is weirdass old mainframes and actual physical mechanical switches that can’t be failed over quite so easily.  Still, why in the name of the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster would you put sprinklers in with them?  I mean, I know the obvious answer, which is that halon is expensive.  But whose brilliant idea was it to cut this particular corner? Maybe it’s just me, but I think 911 service is a bit more important than the stock market.

I’m thinking we may need to investigate the MPAA’s claims about piracy and copyright…


Oh and we get redefine terms as well:

Apple Sheepfall in!  The next exceedingly incremental step of the latest Apple generative tech monolith is available.   Blah blah blah better video, better camera.  But hoo-boy, if you like the Ipad(3?) then just wait till the ipad(s?) comes out.  I would have focused more on the generative aspects of Apple technology, but in lieu of making my own ranty video, this one will have to do.

Let’s let Anonymous do the talking, hopefully Vic you get the message.

Let’s get this viral, stat.

Transcript here.

H/T to JJ where I saw the video.

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