Philosophy-PosterI’ve always enjoyed(?) studying philosophy.   The courses I’ve taken have always been intellectually challenging and have provided some small insight into explaining how we think about ‘stuff and things’.   Fast forward to the present – the experience of Philosophy has changed.  It is an inward cringe because what philosophy means on the interwebs is usually a dense obscurantist pile of word-guano ostensibly put forward as a “defence” of some vile maxim or another (see all of christian apologetics).  Wading through the glitzy word patina to uncover, and then prove, that the author(s) is(are) self-justifying the jebus shaped hole in his heart just isn’t a satisfying intellectual experience.

So I’m with Mary on what she says about philosophers.

“What is wrong is a particular style of philosophising that results from encouraging a lot of clever young men to compete in winning arguments. These people then quickly build up a set of games out of simple oppositions and elaborate them until, in the end, nobody else can see what they are talking about. All this can go on until somebody from outside the circle finally explodes it by moving the conversation on to a quite different topic, after which the games are forgotten. Hobbes did this in the 1640s. Moore and Russell did it in the 1890s. And actually I think the time is about ripe for somebody to do it today.”

A little less word salad and a little more clarity would be a good move for Philosophy.  :)

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