Leave it to the Piano Guys to concoct something as neat as this.

I think so much at once kinda sucks.  20cm and still accumulating…


  The view from my front window.

The view from my front window.

I fully approve of Cool Hard Logic’s video.   Confirmation bias, ignorance and a blissful distaste for fact are all on display here by our Chem-Trail friends.  Enjoy.


Signal boosting as even this basic message seems beyond so many people.

“Lifestyle feminism ushered in the notion that there could be as many versions of feminism as there were women. Suddenly the politics was being slowly removed from feminism. And the assumption prevailed that no matter what a woman’s politics, be she conservative or liberal, she too could fit feminism into her existing lifestyle. Obviously this way of thinking has made feminism more acceptable because its underlying assumption is that women can be feminists without fundamentally challenging and changing themselves or the culture.”

-bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody.

   Funny  Juxtaposition of our Fossil Fuel Premier in front of a Nature themed backdrop.

Funny Juxtaposition of our Fossil Fuel Premier in front of a Nature themed backdrop.

I love Alberta!  Where else can you see bought politicians spew unvarnished truth about who is important in Alberta and who isn’t.  I skip ahead of myself though, allow me to backtrack a bit.

Reading this article from the CBC stoked up the cranky cynic in me.  I wish that our politicians would make their allegiances to power less obvious.

    “Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says the province has forgotten some key points about the sustainability of the energy industry and is vowing to work towards building as many pipelines as possible.

In a speech to the Economic Club’s Canadian Energy Summit in Calgary on Friday, Prentice said the province needs to remember that hydrocarbons are only valuable when there are competing customers — and if there are multiple ways to ship the resource.”

And here I was hoping Jimbo would mention the unsustainability of the current energy model.  Germany has been working their collective fingers to the bone establishing renewable energy sources to power their country.  Up here in Texas North we’re just discovering the fucking laws of supply and demand.   You would think that putting all our eggs in the fossil fuel basket would be a bad strategy – even your local bank toady recommends diversifying – but hells no.  It’s Oilday everyday in Alberta-land.

    “Prentice said his goal is to see pipelines built in every possible direction. He wants to work with Ontario and Quebec in the coming weeks to get those provinces on board with his push to get Alberta oil to market.”

Ah yes, because doubling (tripling?) down on a doomed strategy is completely the way to go.  Also, we need to kill more Nature so the right people can make profit.

“He also restated his commitment to see Alberta become an environmental leader.”

My my my… us plebs should be falling all over Jimbo’s dedicated to environmental stewardship.  Just don’t look at the huge contradiction in the room: rapaciously exploiting natural energy resources versus preserving the ecosystem are mutually exclusive concepts.


Discern4 has been quiet as of late, but in this comeback video he illustrates how he still has God-bothering chops of the very first order.


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