I do love the heroic proclamations of anti-feminists and others boldly stating there is no need for feminism, or that we’re now in a post-feminists society, or worse they are an “egalitarian” *eye roll*.   Yeah…  soo… anyhow lets look at the evolution of costumes for women.  See if you can spot the any troublesome trend as women graduate from “child” to “object I want to put my dick into.”


SexyUnicorn Sexytiger

Sexypirate sexynurse Sexyminnemouse Sexydorthy sexydevil Sexybee Sexyangel

Woo.  Can’t you just feel the equality oozing from the above selections.  I know I can if I squint a little and get a partial lobotomy…

Extra bonus Sexy Halloween Costumes over at Your Social Constructs Are Showing.

Anita_Sarkeesian_headshot   Ah, all the poor male gamers having their pet misogyny project blow up in their faces.  Yep, you dudes are for sure are ruining Anita Sarkessian’s career.  Keep the hate-train going maybe you can get her into the NYT again, or Le Monde or Time or… really the sky is the limit.

*basking in the sweet sweet schadenfreude*   

Good Job Gamer Gaters – You may have to blame Anita for starting GG as well, because she must have started it, just look at all the publicity, fame and money she’s getting…  


   Anyhow, here is the first paragraph from Rolling Stone…go there and catch the rest of the article. :)


She started with a YouTube account and wound up on the front page of the New York Times. In between, all that the Canadian-American feminist cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian did, via her video series Feminist Frequency, was calmly, comprehensively collect and explain examples of the shoddy portrayal of women in video games. Titled “Tropes vs. Women,” her series on gaming pointed out that the roles most often available to women — from princesses to be rescued to prostitutes to be murdered — are both sexist and unimaginative. If these roles were rethought, diversified and expanded, Sarkeesian argues, gaming’s creative class and audience would be diversified and expanded in turn, and games would become more fun to boot.”

ISISwomenOur imperial conquests in the Middle East are, of course, busily blowing up in our face.  The new normal is a murderous state of higgledy-piggledy brought on by us wiping out the quasi-stable societies that had kept the peace (of sorts).  Because nothing says we love peace like bombing the shit of a country we now have religious extremists attempting to establish a new Caliphate in the ruins of our bastion of democratic freedom imperial conquest.

So anyhow, once you cripple the umbrella of supports (infrastructure and otherwise) that keep a civil secular society running it comes as no surprise that the radically religious and their magically-shitacular beliefs will step up and fill the gap left, cue ISIS.

Now, back here in secular society the moderate religious factions (read: kept in check by secular society) are distancing themselves from the ISIS’s murdery-behead-a-thon, clear evidence of what happens when you let the radical religious run society.

However, the moderates ensconced in secular society are unsatisfied with their usual level of bollocks and feel the need to up their game.

Apparently, suckering children into going to war zones is on Islam’s approved list of shitty things to do to people.

“Two Austrian teens got way more than they bargained for when they abandoned their homes and families to become “poster girls” for ISIS terrorists, and now they desperately want to come home.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, would love to press the undo button on the last six months, during which they traded their comfortable existence in Europe for a life of evil engineered by terrorists.

Hmm.  I wonder who could have persuaded these two children to renounce their families and go to a war zone.

“The teens apparently were lured to ISIS by propaganda preached at their local mosque.

Clerics told them that the only way to know true peace was to head to Syria and take part in the holy war, officials said.

The girls had started lecturing schoolmates about their lifestyle and were even suspected of being behind a vandalism attack at their school calling for jihad.”

Was there any surprise?  Pushing extremism in the ‘religion of peace’ (except when it’s not) was the modus-operendi – at least in Australia.  But let’s hear from the children in their own words:

“That’s a change of heart from the April note they left behind for their parents that read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah, and we will die for him.”

Because a focus on the afterlife as opposed to the only one you’ll have here in reality, is always a great go-to strategy.

“Now Kesinovic and Selimovic have had enough and are eager to return to their families, according to CEN. The girls reportedly managed to get word to their families they want to come home.  But reports also said the teens don’t feel they can flee because too many people now associate them with ISIS savagery.“The main problem is about people coming back to Austria,” said Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck. “Once they leave, it is almost impossible.”

You knowthat feeling when you are well and truly being screwed in the deepest, blackest, pit of shit imaginable? Take that feeling and multiply it by 10, or heck even go logarithmic.  Imagine now being a pregnant child in a war zone surrounded by (and married to) people who want to die for their bearded imaginary friend in the sky.

Made of Awesome? You betcha!

All of this, made possible by religion.


[H/T to Bleatmop for bringing this article from the New York Post to my attention.]





Well you knew it was hogwash, but Anti-Citizen X unpacks and analyses how silly the idea of Objective Morality is.  Unfortunately, their are many layers of stupid that come, hand in hand, with Christian Moral thought, thus necessitating the twenty minute deconstruction of all the silliness.

The FDA and Health Canada are deliberating on the safety of this procedure for women.  I was listening to CBC yesterday and heard this piece, and shuddered at the implications.  Here’s the blurb from the podcast.

“Health Canada warns surgery using a morcellator could spread undetected cancer, Amy Reed & her husband are fighting to stop the practice – Oct 15, 2014

Not long ago, only surgeons and patients would have heard of a morcellator. Gynecological surgeons say morcellation minimizes the risks of certain surgeries, but others see the procedure to be a cause of risk, especially for women with undetected cancer.”

Go listen to the podcast on cbc.ca. :)

Lap Morc WSJ


Who could ask for anything more.  A great beach, a good discotheque and an opportunity for martyrdom for the win!


Over a million tourists from around the world visit Sousse, Tunisia every year. And, while the coastal city boasts pristine beaches and world class hotels, recently, hordes of local young men have been leaving fun and sun behind them in favor of joining ISIS in Syria.



Fascinating how interconnected the system is.   Now imagine what happens when we start fracking for shale gas or extracting oil from far sands. :/


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